Control over moving current


Just as a well constructed bridge is built to ensure safe passage point to point over turbulent moving current below. ENERGeeBRIDGES can be built with specifically selected electrical products associated with ENERGee block categories. Our experts help guide Energy Services providers, Energy Services Contractors, and Electrical Distributors choose the optimal electrical products resulting in best design control over the moving electrical current that flows through a client’s facility electric distribution grid.

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Just as a bridge is the ensure safe passage from one point to another Energee Blocks can be combined to build an electrical distribution systems ENERGeeBRIDGE that is Power Grid –Wise, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Energee Blocks

Lighting Block

Solid- State Lighting products

H.V.A.C. Block

Interactive heating, ventilation and cooling products

Control Block

Interactive wireless control products

Sustainable Block

Long life, eco-friendly products

Photovoltaic Block

Solar non- electrical Grid tied products

Spinning Reserve Block

Energy efficient capture products

Energee Sales

Energy Service Companies (E.S.C.O.) Energy Service Provider Companies (E.S.P.C.) and electrical Distributors (E.D.) depend upon ENERGeeBRIDGE Sales for experienced consultation, quality specification and capable provision of premium energy efficient electrical products.